Monday, January 26, 2009

Okra Already Sprouting??

I just planted the seeds last night and tonight I checked to see how everything is doing and the okra is already sprouting. They are pretty warm, with the greenhouse top and the heating pad on the bottom, but I didn't expect results this soon. Maybe it's typical for okra, I'll have to do some research...

Here's my setup. There's room for 72 seedlings. The sections are a little small so I may have to transplant later, depending on how they do. This is my first time with seeds, so I'm being a little optimistic.
Okra closeup


John B said...

FRIED OKRA is my daughter's favorite food. Wonder how I could grow that here in the desert Southwest? A raised bed, for sure, and protection from the blistering heat.(or maybe the heat is where the FRIED part will come into play. ; )

Anyways, I planted in starter peat pots "creeping thyme" and it seems like it was sprouting like crazy within a few days!

Nice blog. I'm new to gardening. Thanks for sharing.

SomeLikeItHot said...

I would think okra would do really well in the southwest. My parents live in Phoenix and grow vegetables really well. I don't know if they've tried okra yet, but they've had luck w/ much more delicate veggies, so the okra should be no problem.

I just discovered okra after moving to Austin, and frying it is just the beginning. mmm...

Good luck with your garden.