Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloom Day 4/15

With the way my garden was looking last month, I wasn't sure when my garden would ever be worthy of bloom day photos, but here they are...

"Jethro Tull" Coreopsis
"Graffiti White" Penta
Four O'Clock

Mexican Lime Bud 
Texas Yellow Star
Black Foot Daisies

Sun Gold Tomato Blossoms
Marigolds and Nasturtiums for bug control

Squash Blossoms
The first mums
Last, but far from least ... Knockout Roses


lili11 said...

I love the Columbines in particular. Of course, the rest of the blooms are gorgeous, too! And, you have so many ...

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

I love the Columbine- just beautiful. Looks like you're having a wonderful spring. Happy GBBD to you!

Iris said...

That maroon and yellow Columbine is really cool! Everything looks great.

I have no tomato flowers yet--do the cherry-type tomatoes tend to bloom/set fruit earlier than big tomatoes?

SomeLikeItHot said...

I love the columbines too. They grow in the shade which makes them ideal for my back yard. I just recently planted two red ones, which haven't bloomed yet.

I'm not sure if the cherry tomatoes are sooner, I'll have to compare my seed packages. My brown berry has 3 little tomatoes already, but I got that one from my neighbor, not from seed, so I can't do a fair comparison.

Anonymous said...

I know marigolds provide bug control - what do nasturtiums protect against? I have TONS of seedlings, so maybe I'll stick some of those on the veg garden after all...

SomeLikeItHot said...

From what I've read, squash bugs, aphids and white flies. I've used marigolds in the past, but this is my first time using nasturtiums in the garden.

Town Mouse said...

I know that feeling, it's a few days before bloom day and nothing seems to be blooming. But then I look more closely... Great collection. Thanks so much!