Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gearing Up For Fall

It's hard to think about fall in the midst of this brutal summer, but it's right around the corner in gardening years. Last week I picked up cedar for my new raised beds and last weekend my friend Rudy helped me build them. I have three new 2"X12" 4'X10' beds. We made them w/ the mortis and tenon style to match my other beds.

I also built a new bean tent. My neighbor gave me some fencing from a dog run she had in the back yard. It was made of thick gage wire and pressure-treated pine. Obviously the pine wasn't going in the veggie garden, so I cut the wood off and will have enough wire for 3 tents in total. I put the beans where the zucchini used to be. The squash-vine borers hit again and I just didn't have the energy to fend them off. Plus, the zucchini was coming in really hard, which I read can happen when the plant gets too established.

This week I trimmed back the tomatoes. The brandywine had stopped producing, the romas are almost done, and the cherries are still producing quite a bit, but the flavor is severely lacking. I also planted 4 new bell pepper plants in place of the swiss chard that was desimated by caterpillars.

Tonight I plan on planting some seeds. I have kohlrabi, radishes and lettuce. I still need to pick up more, but it's a start.

I included a picture of the okra, just because it deserves the spotlight. These plants have been solid producers through this heat. I've been eating them, pickling them, and giving a ton away. I will definitely be repeating these!

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Bob said...

I sure do like the looks of your beds. That was an ecellent way to put them together. I have a very strong way to assemble mine but they don't look nearly as nice as yours.