Friday, November 20, 2009

Garden Projects Here I Come

Starting today at noon I am off work until the 30th. My plans are to garden the entire time, except for Turkey Day when I'll be busy cooking and watching football. I've borrowed my friends pickup truck for the next 3 days for hauling all kinds of goodies. Here are the projects I have planned.

1. Make pvc/rebar freeze-protector hoops for the veggies
2. Clear out the grass between the raised beds and place new weed blocker down that I received from Gardener's Supply in the mail last week
3. Dig out more grass and make glass mulch/flagstone pathways. I picked up the glass mulch from Eco-Depot yesterday. With the rain washing off the sand last night the pile of mulch is looking really cool in the driveway.
4. Increase the size of the melon bed.
5. Pick up limestone from the cemetery and border the melon bed
6. Pick up mulch from Natural Gardener and mulch all beds
7. Make wine bottle borders for beds in the back yard. The drinking-er collecting of wine bottles is already done.
8. Add two bird baths in backyard.
9. Improve borders around citrus trees
10. Finish drip system for other two 4X10 beds
11. Put in edging by the road to keep the water/mulch in the new beds
12. Sand/paint new potting bench
13. Plant new plants from San Antonio road trip, and any others I happen to purchase in the next week.
14. If I have time ... make new patio where grill is currently sitting

My mother-in-law will be out starting next Wednesday to help me out, which will be awesome. Other than that, it's just me. I've got some lofty goals, but I'm excited to get to work. I'll post pictures as I can.


Caroline said...

Good lawd! That's at least a season's worth of projects. I wish I had your energy! Having said all that, I too have lofty goals, and a four-day weekend makes it more likely that at least some of them will get accomplished. I agree, the PVC/rebar thing needs to happen very soon, although I don't know if it will happen this weekend. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are SO lucky. Wish I had that amount of time off. I hope you get it all done.

Not sure if you're interested in the following, but if you are, let me know. I bought three blue bottles of Reisling wine for Thanksgiving and if you want them when they are empty ;-) they are yours. I live south. I'm a Laura, too!

SomeLikeItHot said...

Laura -

I'd love the blue bottles if you still have them. I'm planning a bottle tree as well which really pops w/ some blue on it. I'd be glad to come pick them up.

Caroline -

I'll have to check out your blog and see what you did over the weekend. The weather cooperated pretty well, hopefully you were able to get things done.