Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloom Day 10/15

Marigolds (in my tomato beds)


Zinnias w/ Purple Heart in the background

Knockout Roses - wanted to show scale

Mums - one of two that survived the summer

Knockout Rose closeup

Batface Cuphea w/ Cosmos in the background

Trailing White Lantana - just planted

Black and Blue Salvia w/ Gold Lantana in the background

Black-Foot Daisies

Thai Basil - I don't like the flavor as much as the standard,
but the flowers are awesome

Not technically a bloom, but the color of the
"Bright Lights" Swiss Chard is worth a photo

Lamb's Ear w/ Penta (and a cute little friend)

Horseherb - With all the talk of this ground cover lately,
I thought I'd post mine. I am a big fan.

"Fruit Cocktail" Shrimp Plant


Cheryl said...

Wow, your knock-outs are gigantic! What is that mulch around your bright-light? It almost looks like dried lemon grass. Beautiful yard!

SomeLikeItHot said...


I have 3 knockouts on the other side of the yard that are half the size. For some reason those ones are just very happy in their location. I cut them back to virtually nothing in February, so this is all one year's growth.

The mulch is straw. I get it from a friend's farm in Granger, where he grows organic wheat. It has been great for the veggies.