Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garden Update in Pictures

New Lantanas (white trailing, yellow mounding) and Black and Blue Salvia. Since I took this picture I have added two more Black and Blue Salvias to balance it out.
Here's a picture of the rest of the plants I still need to put in. They include, more Lantanas, Pink Skullcap and Russian Sage. This morning I put in one Lantana and Two Skullcaps. I hope to finish the rest throughout the week, one or two a day after work.
Black and Blue Salvia.

Butter Beans and Green Beans

Okra. Yes, they really are as tall as the house

"Crimson Giant" Radish

Romas, round two

Winter Garden Beds


Dawn said...

Hi Laura,

Wow! You have so many beautiful plants. And your Black and Blue Salvia is gorgeous! I wonder if my hummingbirds would like that. Hmmm...even if they didn't I may have to plant one just for myself. Heh.

It certainly was a pleasure to meet you at the Garden Blogger Get-Together last month. Good luck with your veggie garden. It looks pretty awesome.


Meredith said...

That's a nifty design on the cedar raised beds. Your pictures are getting me motivated to get out and tackle my garden some today.

SomeLikeItHot said...

Dawn - It was great talking to you to. I bought the salvias at Lowes. They were on sale for $3. Don't know if the sale is still going on, but worth a try. I couldn't pass them up, and bought 4:) I'm not sure about the hummingbirds, hope so.

Meredith - I purchased my first 4 beds from a company in Vermont that makes the design, mortis and tenon. A friend of mine said we could make them and helped me out. I love the ones we made, since they are 12" tall instead of the others which are 8". It makes a big difference.

I see your blog, you don't need motivation, seems you're out there every day :)